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Weight loss, Nutrition & Nutritional Counseling

Traditional diets DON'T work. With the HCG weight-loss cure, you'll be sure to shed those unwanted pounds quickly and keep them off for good.  SmartMED offers two different options tailored to your weight-loss goals. First option is to lose up to 21 lbs in 21 days and the second option is to lose up to 42 lbs in 42 days

Either way, the fat is going to melt away. We also offer nutritional plans personalized just for you to assure you stay looking and feeling your best!


Primary Care, Functional Medicine & Disease Management

 Functional medicine seeks to address the root cause of illness; traditional medicine seeks to identify symptoms. 

While a traditional doctor looks at the symptom of uncontrolled blood sugars and sees a diagnosis of diabetes, a functional medicine doctor looks at the symptom of uncontrolled blood sugar and demands to know why those sugars are uncontrolled.  “Diabetes” is not a cause, it’s a term that describes a certain set of symptoms. Functional medicine doctors want to do more than just identify your symptoms and prescribe medication to reduce their effects; they want to know what’s really wrong and work to correct it. 


Chiropractic & Medically Supervised Pain Relief

Is pain getting in your way? Headaches, migraines, neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain... The list goes on and on. 

Our skilled team of providers will work together to make sure you get back to feeling great again. Whether you need therapeutic injections, a Chiropractic adjustment or both, SmartMED will get you feeling pain-free quickly so you can get back to your busy lifestyle.  


Botox & Fillers Ditch the frown lines and tired look ladies!

Botox has been used worldwide by thousands of physicians to treat millions of patients with proven results. Getting your youthful look back has never been so affordable. 

At only $8 per unit, there's no reason to walk around looking worn out and tired. 


Tired moody, fatigued, low libido? Hormone Replacement Therapy may be right for you.

The advent of hormonal imbalance often accompanies menopause, and the loss of estrogen can put them at risk of premature ovary failure, heart disease, colon cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, and other serious health consequences.

Signs of hormone imbalance in women include:

  • Difficulty sleeping at night 
  • Reduced sexual desire 
  • Weight gain, particularly around the midsection area  
  • Inability to lose weight despite a healthy diet and lifestyle
  • Exhaustion, low energy, fatigue and  difficulty concentrating.


Laser Liposuction, Skin tightening & Cellulite Removal

 Laser liposuction melts fat, results in tighter skin. Additionally, the laser causes the collagen to contract, which tightens the skin. This tightening alleviates the fear of skin sagging, a common complaint after standard liposuction. 

Laser Lipolysis also enables the removal of more fat than standard liposuction.  Laser body sculpting is great for targeting fat in areas you just can't seem to get at the gym. 

The 25 minute sessions are pain-free and non-invasive. The laser lipo paddles are applied in pre-selected target areas, which is generally the stomach, waist, hips, thighs (inner/outer), buttocks, or chin.