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We're here for your team.

   SmartMED is one of the fastest growing full service medical practice in South Florida. We’re a premium healthcare benefit that can help you deliver high-quality healthcare in the way that works best for your company. Whether it’s giving your employees access to any of our existing offices, designing custom on-site wellness centers, providing 24/7 virtual visits, offering monthly on-site health and wellness events we focus on delivering a modern, people-centered healthcare experience that employees love.                                                                


How SmartMED can make a positive impact?

         Employers have invested in countless initiatives to reduce spending and improve employee health outcomes. While these programs have varying degrees of success, employers are looking for new solutions that can have substantial long-term impact. Done the right way, an overall health approach is uniquely positioned to be one of the strongest long-term solutions for employers.                                                                                   


Want to control costs and create a healthier workforce with SmartMED?

The untapped potential of membership-based primary care means there’s a significant opportunity for businesses. By building their benefits strategy on a stronger primary care foundation, employers can control cascading healthcare costs and improve the overall health of their employees — all while building a benefits program that employees will be eager to engage in. To be successful in this effort, it’s essential to find a high-access, high-value, comprehensive primary care solution that focuses on building meaningful relationships with patients. With a decade of experience, SmartMED has the resources and knowledge to help businesses transform the health and overall engagement of their employees all while lowering healthcare spending. 


Delivering the highest quality of care.

   SmartMED's unique, membership-based business model allows us to remain independent and focus exclusively on providing the highest quality primary care. We’re innovators in healthcare — elevating every aspect of the primary care experience to make it faster, easier, and more affordable for patients to get the care they need.